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Advancing a Sustainable Future

Better Practices, Better Planet 2030 builds on our success and continues our commitment to manufacture sustainable products for a sustainable future.

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Paper Recycling

Paper is one of the most widely recycled materials in the U.S. We are committed to investing in recycling infrastructure and educating about recycling best practices.

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Priority Issues

Product Stewardship

Product Stewardship

We believe paper recycling is a model for other industries. Programs and policies should reward the early and voluntary action our industry has taken to improve paper recycling.

Marketplace Sustainability

Marketplace Sustainability

We promote unhindered market access so that essential paper and wood products can continue to be sustainably produced to best meet needs.

Energy & Environment

Energy & Environment

The paper and wood products industry is a significant contributor of renewable energy, as well as a proud steward of the environment and natural resources.

Member Spotlight

Our members have embraced and surpassed goals in three essential
pillars of sustainability - economic, environmental and social.

World Clean Up Day

Seaman Paper

十大菠菜软件 member Seaman Paper helps clean up around their local communities for #WorldCleanUpDay. See how they're making a difference in their community. 

Access to Water

Procter & Gamble

Access to water is vital for everyone. P&G is teaming up with organizations in water stressed regions to help protect and restore water in those communities.

IP holds book donation drive!

International Paper

International Paper's Pinelope is ecstatic with the donations coming in to help Reach out and Read, a nonprofit organization focused on encouraging reading within households.

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